Why Bimatoprost is Popular

Bimatoprost is mainly developed for the struggling patients of eye stress known glaucoma, but now it is used for another reason globally i.e. to make the eyelashes thicker and heavier. Many women search for the better treatment for making their eyelashes re-grow but they fail to get the best treatment and now they can switch to bimatoprost drops.
For all those struggling persons of Glaucoma and hypertension; this drug was created. But, it can be used in many other ways also like in reduction of extra fat tissues around the eyelid and making fuller or darker eyelashes. Thickening of eyelashes and eyebrows are seen prominently in patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. With the use bimatoprost drug no need of fake eyelashes as with the proper dosage eyes of a person becomes prettier with longer and lustrous eyelashes.
It is a prostaglandin drug, available in the form of eye drops and easily be poured into the eyes with the dropper based bottle. 0.03 percent quantity is enough and used only once in a day. It should be poured into the upper eyelid with care, if one drop is not enough then put second drop after a gap of five minutes. Its availability is easy these days in market as well as online. Online shopping has made the life very easy and relaxed, as you can order it without moving from your place.
Bbimatoprost drops can only be used for eyes and not be used in nose or in mouth. Some people share their experiences after using these drops that their eyes become receptive to dark lights and so for that reason it is advisable not to drive any vehicle after its usage. The precaution should be taken with this drug and avoid interacting with dark lights and use the drops when you are at home or in the evening time.